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Personal Chef, Golden tweezers, Slinky dress, Ruby Pendant of Relaxation, Gloves of Steel and 708 gold pieces
Cait is a Henchling of Ravelerousing Housewives.

Cait - Level 4 Ranger

Saturday the 21st of January 2012

Cait earned 5XP and 9 gold for Wash Mirror

2012-01-21 15:24:09

Cait earned 20XP, 50 gold and a Gloves of Steel for Clean the Toilet

2012-01-21 15:23:44

Cait earned 10XP and 15 gold for Clean off Bathroom Counters and Sink

2012-01-21 15:23:01

Cait earned 50XP, 49 gold and a Ruby Pendant of Relaxation for Seasonal

"Put away Christmas"
2012-01-21 15:22:15

Cait earned 10XP and 20 gold for Sweep

2012-01-21 15:21:45

Cait earned 7XP and 15 gold for Picking Up Stray Items (half normal XP)

"Bathroom insanity!"
2012-01-21 15:20:39

Thursday the 28th of January 2010

Cait used up a Personal Chef.

2010-01-28 12:55:56

Cait earned 10XP and 36 gold for Put Clothes Away

"One entire load."
2010-01-28 12:55:35

Cait earned 50XP and 25 gold for Dishwasher Duty (By Hand)

"I have another load to do yet..."
2010-01-28 12:54:47

Tuesday the 26th of January 2010

Cait earned 20XP, 32 gold and a Slinky dress for Exercising - 30 min. (half normal XP)

"Claiming half since my exercise time slot was taken up with fiddling with the wii balance board. Good thing is I lost 10 lbs over the holidays, though! Woohoo!"
2010-01-26 22:03:05
noel said: that's great! way to go!

Cait earned 45XP, 44 gold and a Personal Chef for Cook a Meal

"Grilled pork chops with sauteed onions and green beans and, my favorite, apple sauce!"
2010-01-26 19:10:38

Cait earned 30XP and 12 gold for Hair removal - large area

2010-01-26 15:50:45

Cait earned 15XP, 8 gold and a Golden tweezers for Hair removal - small area

2010-01-26 15:50:05

Cait earned 40XP and 19 gold for Wash Clothes

2010-01-26 15:47:29

Cait earned 10XP and 47 gold for Put Clothes Away

2010-01-26 15:46:02

Cait earned 10XP and 50 gold for Put Clothes Away (the day before)

"We only have one room that is the laundry room and closet so I guess it's only one room per day."
2010-01-26 12:27:54

Cait earned 40XP and 20 gold for Wash Clothes (the day before)

"Woohoo laundry!"
2010-01-26 11:40:50

Cait earned 20XP and 22 gold for Scrub the Sink

"After doing the dishes, of course!"
2010-01-26 11:38:56

Cait earned 45XP, 27 gold and a Personal Chef for Cook a Meal (2 days previously)

"Roast chicken with steamed squash, yum!"
2010-01-26 11:37:08

Cait earned 15XP and 15 gold for Picking Up Stray Items (4 days previously)

"Fun stuff!"
2010-01-26 11:36:36

Cait earned 50XP, 62 gold and a Scroll of Healing for Caring for a child/teen (ages 6 to 17) (3 days previously)

"Day 1 of babysitting for the Ransoms."
2010-01-26 11:35:54

Cait earned 50XP and 65 gold for Caring for a child/teen (ages 6 to 17) (2 days previously)

"Babysitting for the Ransoms."
2010-01-26 11:35:23

Cait earned 50XP and 75 gold for Creative Endeavor (the day before)

"Knitting socks for Chris"
2010-01-26 11:34:38

Cait earned 15XP and 22 gold for Organizing- 15 minutes (4 days previously)

"I apparently lost DH"
2010-01-26 11:33:39

Cait earned 30XP and 15 gold for Vacuuming (4 days previously)

"Getting ready for the buddies to come around!"
2010-01-26 11:32:29

Cait earned 50XP and 36 gold for Dishwasher Duty (By Hand)

"The roasting pan was god awful!"
2010-01-26 11:31:17