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This is the unique username that you'll use to log in to Chore Wars.
This is the name you'll be known by within your party. Usually it would just be your forename.
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Your email address will only be used for password reminders, and any system alert messages you've opted to receive. You don't have to give an email address, but if you choose not to, you won't be able to retrieve a forgotten password.


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Natural Talents (optional)

Before you start, you can pick up to six chores which you think you're particularly good at - these will be used to determine your starting stats and character class.

 gardening  paying bills  vacuuming
 taking the bins out  decorating  washing up
 cleaning surfaces  organising parties  dusting
 making phonecalls  grocery shopping  household repairs


Do you want everyone to be able to see your XP and the chores that you've done (so that you can show your profile to other people), or would you rather restrict access to just the other members of your party?