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Testimonials from Users

If you've got a story about how Chore Wars has been useful to you, or how you've been using it, you can leave us a message.

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We have three children, ages 9, 8 and 7. We have tried every tactic imaginable to encourage our children to complete their chores and help around the house. Chore charts, allowance money, special rewards - everything fizzled after only a few days.

Enter Chore Wars! I sat down with the kids, showed them their characters and the adventures and they literally jumped up and ran off to complete their chosen tasks. I've never seen my 8 year old son make his bed! And my youngest actually completed an entire chore in under 20 minutes (usually it takes her over an hour for the simplest job).

I almost fainted when my husband cleaned out the toaster oven. I can't believe my family is excited about housework!

-- AC, Texas

Chore Wars avatar Just wanted to let you know how much our family is enjoying Chore Wars. Our 14 year old son is now actively looking for things to do (we've linked xp points and gold pieces to pocket money) and he even got a friend involved!

-- MD, New Zealand
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I live in a house in London, U.K with one other girl... and SIX guys. [...] A lot of the time I am the only one tidying up, which was DRIVING ME SLOWLY INSANE.

But a magical thing happened yesterday and today. I introduced my house to Chore Wars. I set up an account for us last night, and set some "adventures"... when I got up this morning everyone in the house was cleaning. I honestly could not believe what I was seeing. The house is so completely sparkling clean! All we had to do is make it a competition! The guys are so obsessed with beating each other!

I made a new incentive too. Whoever has the most points at the end of the week, gets a six pack and whoever has accumulated the most points during a month gets dinner of their choosing.

-- JS, London
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I started to think about the potential applications of this for my other family -- the listeners to our knitting podcast.

I set up another account and put in chores and rewards for finishing knitting stuff -- first sock of a pair, 50 XP... second sock, 100 XP... and so forth. I mentioned it to a couple of people on the message boards, thinking a couple people might want to play along and be knitting barbarians, storming the gates at the land of finished knitted objects, and get some virtual motivation along the way.

What I did not expect was for nearly a HUNDRED KNITTERS to sign up and play along, just in the first couple days, with more joining all the time. We've got this GINORMOUS party now, all working just a little bit harder with needles in hand in order to "win" some virtual XP and imaginary gold (which many party members are using as a way to track yarn expenditures, believe it or not...).

-- MV

Chore Wars avatar I've just started using Chore Wars to monitor my own self care. I have mental illness that makes it hard for me to remember to do simple tasks such as cleaning house and eating and sleeping. Using this system to track behaviors is really fun, and I started a LiveJournal community to encourage others to do the same. I recommend Chore Wars to anyone who is looking for ways to treat themselves better.

-- MB
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Once my friends invited me to join, I started doing chores that I had been putting off for ages. I went to the bank to make a change to my account. I put my laundry away instead of leaving it in the dryer. I clean up and do dishes more often. I like knowing that Iíve earned my experience points and treasure.

When I was a child, we had a simple point and reward system for chores. I know that, had it existed twenty years ago, we would have used Chore Wars to track everything. Other people Iíve told, including my own mother, have joined up, and Iím proud to be a Gold Account member of Chore Wars.

-- KJW, Massachusetts
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Last spring we started a Dungeons & Dragons playgroup for my now seven year old and some of his friends (I played for 15 years before I got married and just started up this group - never would have believed 7 years olds would get so involved - they all learned how to read by absorbing the monster manual). Anyway, because of my husband's work, we are spending a year in Ireland, away from our friends. Now Chore Wars has, not only given them a way to have a bit of adventure together, but all our houses are spotless. Every day the kids check Chore Wars to see what their friends have recently accomplished.

-- LS